Ph.D Theses

17.   2021, Smaher Mosad Saad Elbayomi, The Develop of Non-viral Vectors for Medical Applications

16.  2021, Guang Chen, Structure Control of Carbon Nitride for Photo Energy Conversion and Applications

15.  2021, Xiang Zhan, An NIR-activated Polymeric Nanoplatform with ROS-and-temperature-sensitivity for Combined Photothermal Therapy and Chemotherapy

14.  2020, Lei Xia, Visible Light-induced Living/Controlled Polymerizations

13.  2020, Tianyou Zeng, Design and Synthesis of Functional and Degradable Polyethylene-based Copolymers

12.  2020, Kun Zeng, Preparation and Application of Functional Organosilica Nanomaterials

11.  2019, Abdul Haleem, Cryogel Materials:Their Structural Design, Preparation and Applications

10.  2019, Yinchu Ma, Design and Application of Nanomedicine with Tumor Hypoxic Microenvironment

9.  2019, Xiao Wang, Design and Application of Fluorescent Assemblies and Room Temperature Phosphorescent Materials

8.  2018, Pengyun Li, Synthesis and Properties of Complicated Topological Polymers

7.  2018, Lei Yu, Application of Thiol Click Chemical Reaction in Polymer Synthesis

6.  2017, Ze Zhang, Structure Regulation of Polymers via Chain Shuttling Polymerization and Consecutive Multicomponent Reactions

5.  2017, Qianbao Chen, Preparation of Stimuli-responsive Polymers and Functional Polyolefins via RAFT polymerization

4.  2016, Longhai Wang, Self-assembly of Responsive Branched Polymer and Homopolymer and Their Biomedical Applications

3.  2016, Jigang Piao, Nanomedicine for Gene Delivery and Tumor Photothermal Treatment

2.  2014, Junjie Yan, Topology and Sequence Control of Polymers and Their Applications

1.  2013, Zhiqiang Yu, Synthesis and Applications of Multi-functional Hyperbranched Poly(amido amine)s

Master's Thesis

10.  2020, Xiaoyu Zhang, Preparation and Evaluation on a Nano-micelle System with strong Oil Flooding Capability

9.  2020, Weixiang Xie, The Copolymers Prepared via the Combination of Free Radical Polymerization of 1-octene and Ring-opening Polymerization of Cyclic Ketene Acetal Monomer

8.  2019, Huazhen Tao, Research of Thiirane Ring-opening-polymerization to Synthesize Sequence Ordered Polymers and Cyclic Polymers

7.  2017, Ting Wu, Synthesis of Fluorinated Polypeptides Copolymers and Their Gene Delivery Applications

6.  2017, Chentao Xu, Synthesis and Application of PAMAM Based Nanomicelles and Cyanide Modified Carbon Nitride Nanomaterials

5.  2016, Xiaoman Xu, Synthesis and Applications of Novel Dendritic Polymers

4.  2016, Bofei Cheng, Photoinduced Electron Transfer-reversible Addition-fragmentation Chain Transfer (PET-RAFT) Polymerization

3.  2015, Lu Yang, Sequence-defined Polymerization via Tandem Multicomponent Reactions and Polyphosphonium for Gene Delivery

2.  2013, Lifen Han, Temperature Induced Self-assembly and Self-crosslinking Prepared Biocompatible and Bioreducible

1.  2011, Hanying Tian, Synthesis of Thermo-responsive Polymers with Both Tunable UCST and LCST

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